Preparing Skill Sets

We always hear about unemployment in our country. We also hear that organizations are not able to find a right candidate and are always in a lookout for an eligible and skilled employees. This gap is due to the fact that organizations are looking for candidates who knows the praticality of the profile needs and should be able to work on it sooner. We, at Cocentrus is trying to fillup this gap by guiding, training and developing relevant skillsets in candidates to matchup with the need at this time.

To complement our vision of cost minimization for the companies, we conduct the trainings, skill development programs and learning sessions for verbal communication, written communication and technical skills, whether its .NET, Mainframe, Cloud computing, Java, J2ME, or even Open source technologies like PHP, MySQL etc. The program is generally conducted for the candidates who are lacking the industry needs and help them prepare to get recruited with organisations.

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