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Hiring Mistakes, You Should Avoid/consider

Recruiting new employees can facilitate your company’s expansion and potentially increase your growth and profits. However, hasty decisions in this regard may affect your desired results. To mitigate this situation, it is important not to rush the hiring process. Learn some areas to look for:

Job roles and responsibilities

Thoroughly prepare the candidate’s job profile. While this should be no different to the JD content you post on various recruitment portals, you can prepare a detailed version and interview candidates based on it.

Small Pool of Applicants

This is a very common problem that organizations go through. Recruiters often succumb to hiring pressure when faced with a limited pool of applicants. This can lead to rushed hiring decisions. Publishing a JD on one or two job portals and on your own website is not enough to get enough applicants. Reach out to recruitment consultants to help you provide enough CVs to help you with your hiring process.

Behavioral / Attitude Evaluation

While interviewing a candidate against a job profile, evaluating for job specific role and responsibilities is definitely a crucial part of hiring. However, evaluating a candidate on behavioral attributes and their perspective toward the organization is also important. Don’t jump on making decision. Give some time to discuss and interview the candidate.

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