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Technology is helping WFH Employees to Accomplish Tasks

Its been eight month since I last went to my office. Like many others, I’m still doing my job from home and safeguarding the spread of COVID

This is a very common statements people say it today. Few years back, nobody had dreamt of it and had always been wondering, how efficient these dis-located teams are?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought up new challenges to our professional and personal lives and have impacted the work deliveries. Everyone is trying to work hard to keep their job and employers are trying to keep their clients. In order to keep everyone going with their work, technology has helped bridge both the ends.

Research says, hundreds and thousands of the companies have accelerated their processes, customer interactions, supply-chain and financial connections - digitally - by many folds even by 3 - 4 years.

Lets see some of the digital adaptations by employees:

  • Appropriate devices not available at home
    Everyone didn’t have powerful laptop or smartphones readily available at home which can be used for office related work or can be put with loads of simultaneous application software to run. Thanks to online shopping, required equipments were purchased. In some cases, employers paid or reimbursed or shipped the devices at the employee’s home. And in others, people purchased it on interest free EMIs. A win-win for all and everyone benefited by keeping their livelihood going.

  • Internet Connectivity – a big challenge
    This came out to be a biggest hurdle specially for the people who had moved to rural locations due to Covid lockdowns. With the quick rollout of 5G, upgrades by ISP providers, easy data plans on mobile phones and specially the launch of various unlimited data plans, helped the whole community to stay connected. This is the great change which made even a vegetable seller to start selling via Whatsapp.

  • Tools and Required Software – another big challenge
    This was another big showstopper to continue working and delivering assignments on time. Whatif you do not have a designing software and have a task to design a brochure? Whatif you have to meet a prospect to show your product catalogue or ever show how the product works?
    Technology companies were quick enough to bring new tools, new prices and specially “online”, with more of “Do It Yourself” attitude. All this made it simple for people to sign-up, explore and use it. Today, even a Class 1 student knows how to start, join, handle audio / video etc options and take their online school classes. We now have great tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams and many more which have helped everyone to remain connected.

Would you like to share some of the challenges you had after Covid? And how did you overcome them?

Its the people who are helping people to learn new things and adopt in their professional or personal life.

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