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Why to hire a Recruitment Consultant?

Every organization go through recruitment process all the time. Being an organization in a particular field, the business owners or business heads are expert in their industry / field. Recruitment in itself is a vast process and requires specific skills to find right talent.

Hiring a recruitment consultant can offer several benefits specially when you need to quickly fill open vacancies in your organization or if your establishment is a small or medium company where you can’t afford to have a dedicated team of recruiters. Lets see what benefits does a recruitment consultants brings to you:

  1. Pool of Passive Candidates: Many candidates are not actively seeing new job opportunities. But, recruitment consultants have the skills, connections and updated database which help them to reach out to those passive candidates.
  2. Expertise and Industry Knowledge: Since a recruitment consultant is working for various organizations of same industry, the are more aware of industry based talent requirements, realistic & unrealistic expectations from job seekers.
  3. Administrative & Other Cost Savings: Recruitment consultant will handle various tasks at different levels of recruitment process including, posting job advertisement, filter-out relevant resumes, interacting with candidates, answering their queries, calendar setting up for interview etc etc. Infact, a recruitment consultant will even help to prepare job description (JD) and give suggestions as per current market trend & demands.
  4. Shorter Time-to-Hire & Better Negotiations: A recruitment consultant can speed-up the whole process with their existing database of job seekers and connections, follow-ups. Even, they can help to negotiate better to secure top talent with their negotiation skills with compelling offers and helping to meet win-win solution for concerns both from company and candidate.
  5. Long-Term Relationship: This obviously helps any organization in a long-run. If you have a trusted and faithful long-term relationship, a recruitment consultant can bring a relevant top talent to your door even if you haven’t asked for. A recruitment consultant can work as your extended team members who know their job and don’t need any supervision.

Overall, a recruitment consultant brings lot of value addition to your company even if its a small entrepreneur establishment. What makes them apart is the fact that they are very connected to job seekers, understands market & candidate’s required (since they are working with different customers for same profiles), knows some industry hiring standards etc.

We at Cocentrus, as a recruitment consultant have been working since 2014 to help organizations fill-up their open vacancies with relevant talents as quickly as possible. Over the years, we have built many long-term relations with our customers to work as a hand-distance-aways recruitment team.

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