Recruitment & Staffing

At Cocentrus, we provide end-to-end service for the recruitment. We work as your extented HR Recruiter team to assist you in finding perfect matches to your open position, calling / follow-up, shortlisting and lining for interview. The process doesn't ends here as we work as a single point contact between the customer and candidate. We offer our recruitment assistant service to various indutries as our team consists of professional HR consultants.

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In today's corporate world, Contract Staffing a buzzword been heard over few years now. This makes an organization to have a working arrangement limited to a certain period of timeframe. Such staffing professionals can be working for full-time or part-time depending upon the organizational needs. At Cocentrus, we help organizations finding such temporary consultants to be recruited by the organization for shorter-period and/or get them hired at Cocentrus and placed at customer's site for a shorter-period.

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At the end of each recruitment, whether full-time, part-time, permanent or contract, an organization hires a candidate and let them enter their premises. Once they are recruited, they will be given access to variety of proprietory / confidential information and resources. Hence in today's world, it becomes a mandatory exercise to get few background checks conducted for the candidate. We, at Cocentrus, provides the background verification service (with our associated partners) to facililate our customers.

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We always hear about unemployment in our country. We also hear that organizations are not able to find a right candidate and are always in a lookout for an eligible and skilled employees. This gap is due to the fact that organizations are looking for candidates who knows the praticality of the profile needs and should be able to work on it sooner. We, at Cocentrus is trying to fillup this gap by guiding, training and developing relevant skillsets in candidates to matchup with the need at this time.

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Perfect solution for your business

Human resource recruitment assistance for your organization to fulfill your vacant positions with right match in shortest possible time.